• Balsa 1,0
Balsa wood

Ecuador – hardly any other country grows and produces more balsa and balsa products. The balsa tree is an extremely fast-growing species, reaching a height of 30-35 m and a diameter of more than 60 cm. Our balsa is primarily harvested from plantation-grown trees. Ecuador’s tropical climate provides the best possible conditions for this type of agriculture. Before the wood can be processed, it must be treated for several days in a drying kiln, where the moisture content is reduced to about 8-12%. Once sawed and planed it is sorted according to quality. Balsa wood is an organic raw material which is naturally subject to variations in its characteristics. Only carefully selected A-quality timber, light in colour and spot-free, passes the quality control and receives the "robbe Ultraschliff" seal. We provide qualified staff and modern machinery to back-up balsa production on site, thus guaranteeing constant high standards of quality at an extremely attractive price.
Dimensions: 100 x 1000 mm
Tickness: 1.00

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Balsa 1,0

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